Karen Mason

Inspirational keynote speaker

As an experienced Keynote Speaker, Karen can inspire your audience to follow their dreams, to tap back into their souls purpose and to become the best version of themselves.
Her personal journey of being told she’d never make it in the media industry would have stopped most people from pursuing what is considered a very cut throat industry.
She was told she wasn’t pretty enough, way too old for a career in media (even though she was still in her 20’s) and even so called loved ones said she was a dreamer (off with the fairies and that she needed to come back down to earth).
Everybody around her thought she was crazy but she knew in her heart that she was the sanest out of them all. She always knew that she was born to rebel from living a mediocre life and she now encourages others to live a more fulfilled existence by truly believing in themselves.

Karen is now dedicating her time to keynote speaking


Since launching her own media brand Big Sis, Karen has felt the need to share her experiences and journey

Big Sis empowers females to know their worth in all things; relationships, career and self. A message that seems timely in todays social climate.


The podcast series has been extremely popular on Apple Podcasts and was nominated for the best newcomer at the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards.



As a keynote speaker, Karen draws from her own experiences talking about topics such as:

– Believing in yourself 

– Living a purpose driven life

– blocking out the haters


“Loved your speech!

Keep inspiring!”

Marlie – Queensland

“Karen is amazing, hilarious and Vibrant”

Elle Louise – Queensland

“Thanks very much Karen, so empowering”

Kerry – Queensland

“Truly Inspiring”

Adrian – Queensland

“We loved having you Karen”

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League of Extraordinary Women

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