Media training 1:1 with Karen Mason

Helping Purpose Leaders shine with confidence

During her 20 years of media experience Karen noticed that most people in the industry are quite tight lipped about their knowledge and are reluctant to share this important information with others due to a fear of loosing their job to someone else.
She believes that everyone gets the work that’s right for them which eliminates any fear of competition. Karen loves mentoring up and coming Purpose Leaders / Go To Experts with the skills they require to shine brightly in front of a worldwide stage.
So if you are a passion driven entrepreneur and want to start spreading your message to the masses, learn from one of the best in Australia to reach a larger mainstream audience.

She can help you with:

Presenting to camera

Interview techniques

Content creation

Creating your own show

knowing your brand inside and out

Marketing yourself as an industry "go-to" expert

Media training testimonials:

Belinda - Gold Coast

Previous to working with Karen, I totally believed that I hated video and the I was terrible at it. The very best part of my day is when the thought came into my head… I am actually really good at video!! Thank you so much Karen, it’s changed the future face of my business!

Ruth - Melbourne


I have to say, it’s so wonderful to have a professional cast their eye over you, give you tips and strategy and to really hone in on your performance in front of the camera.

I feel incredibly confident now to step out, to feel professional not only in my work, but the way that I present in front of people.

Trudi - Gold Coast

Before today I had no confidence in front of the camera.

Who would have thought that after some media training with Karen and now I actually really enjoy it?


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